You Have To See These Vintage Chanel Accessories

Vintage Chanel handbags and jewelry tell the story of Gabrielle Chanel through Karl Lagerfeld's eccentric creations.

You Have To See These Vintage Chanel Accessories
Image caption: Chanel Perfume Bottle Necklace

Nothing says luxury like a super rare accessory from Chanel.

Gabrielle Chanel was highly superstitious, known to insert her lucky charm symbols into costume jewelry and accessories. Some of Chanel’s most used lucky charms include the number 19, clovers, lions, a perfume bottle, a camellia flower (given to her by her lover, Boy Capel), and the number 5, the perfume that made her famous.

The late Karl Lagerfeld was known for his eccentricity, creative vision, and playful sense of humor. As Creative Director for Chanel from 1983 until his death in 2018, Karl Lagerfeld took Gabrielle Chanel’s favorite things and created a universe full of CC logos, perfume bottles, gold chains, and costume jewelry. Lagerfeld used Chanel's iconography to tell the story of Chanel’s founder and defined the Chanel aesthetic that you know and love.  Look for Chanel icons in the following rare Chanel accessories. 

Rare and Unusual Vintage Chanel Accessories

Sure, Chanel accessories like the Classic Flap Bag and Chanel Pearl CC Necklaces are classic pieces that even non-luxury lovers know, but Lagerfeld’s seasonal and cruise pieces created by Chanel will shock and delight even the most obsessed collectors. 

Chanel Camellia No 5 Charm Icon Flap Bag.jpg

Chanel Charm Icon Camellia No.5 Flap Bag 

This beautiful Chanel Camellia No. 5 Charm Icon flap bag features luxurious lambskin quilted in squares with Chanel’s most iconic design elements including a CC logo, camellia flower, No. 5, and a clover. This rare clutch features a 3D camellia flower applique, perfect for any Chanel lover.

Chanel No 19 Perfume Necklace.jpg

Chanel No. 19 Perfume Bottle Necklace 

This extremely rare vintage Chanel perfume bottle necklace features a miniature version of the iconic perfume bottle on a leather threaded gold chain. The perfume bottle is surrounded by an intricate, open cage design resembling metal fretwork. Released in the 90s, the ornate gold miniature perfume bottle holds Eau de Parfum to refresh fragrance while on the go (the original even came with perfume refills).  

Chanel Pink Canvas Logo Jumbo XL Maxi Single Flap.jpg

Chanel Pink Canvas Logo Jumbo XL Maxi Single Flap Bag

This very rare mid-90s Vintage Chanel Logo Maxi Flap Bag features an all-over black Chanel logo print. The Maxi Single Flap is a highly coveted piece by Chanel collectors. This canvas version with a giant gold CC turn-lock is not to be missed!  

Chanel Gold Coin Necklace 2.jpg

Chanel Gold Logo Coin Chain Layer Necklace

Did you know that Gabrielle Chanel basically invented costume jewelry by creating a necklace that resembled pearls for way less money? Gabrielle was a big fan of layering chains, and she would have been a huge fan of this Chanel Logo Coin Chain Necklace. With three layers of chunky chains and coins engraved with CHANEL all over, this vintage 90s necklace is classic Chanel, but better. 

Chanel Vintage Quilted Canvas Frame Crossbody.jpg

Chanel Grosgrain Frame Crossbody Bag 

This vintage Chanel rare mini frame bag features a grosgrain quilted exterior with a gold frame and embossed CC push-lock closure at top. It's rare to find a vintage bag with a leather and chain crossbody strap like this. A Chanel evening bag from the 80s is a must for any collector!

Chanel Beige Quilted Heart Shaped Bag.jpg

Chanel Vintage Beige Lambskin Leather Heart Shaped Shoulder Bag

This heart-shaped Chanel bag is anything but a classic. The quilted heart-shaped style in beige lambskin leather is actually a collector’s item from the 90s. Gabrielle Chanel was known for her practical shoulder bags, so of course, this shoulder bag has classic leather and chain shoulder straps.

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